The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef is working with Citizen’s of the GBR, and The Last Straw Australia to make the GBR region plastic straw free.

Life expectancy:

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Plastic straw = 100+ years
Average human = < 100 years
GOAL: To have all businesses operating on and around the Great Barrier Reef plastic straw free. This includes all vessels, resorts/hotels, councils and food venues.
(for schools visit Straw No More to register)

Update: We now have over 180 businesses who have gone plastic straw free as of the 21st May 2018.

To register, simply complete the below form and click submit:

For further details and to obtain a PDF version of the official pledge click HERE

Creating a link between The Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean
Creating a link between The Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean and raising awareness around the fact that all our oceans are connected. Location: Barwon Heads, VIC Australia Artist: Breathe a Blue Ocean and Adam Stan
For some extra inspiration – check out our official campaign video:


Cairns Regional Council – Going Straw Free. Are you and your business ready?

Cairns Regional Council to go Straw Free
“Mayor Bob Manning, publicly announced Cairns to be a straw free council and phase out the use of single-use plastics in the region” Cairns Post Image 11th April 2018

We are proud to be in partnership with  Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef  to assist in spreading the campaign across the entirety of the GBR.


Thank you to all our other supporting partners and community members in helping us, help the Great Barrier Reef.