‘There’s no excuse for single use’

The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is the Official Campaign © targeting plastic straws in venues around the GBR. We are working with Citizen’s of the GBR, and The Last Straw Australia to achieve our goal of making the GBR region plastic straw free and reducing plastic pollution entering the reef. At The Last Straw, we believe ‘there’s no excuse for single use,’ and that each and everyone of us have a social responsibility to protect our environment, which includes reducing our use of plastics. We encourage everyone to BYO straw, there are stainless steel, silicone, bamboo and even glass that are reusable these days.

Number of plastic-straws previously used by each business type per year.

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For further information read our FAQ’s, but for ease of access listed below is our MOST commonly asked question – about the different type of straws on the market!

Plastic, PLA and Oxy straws are a major issue if they end up in the natural environment, whether it be waterways or the rainforest. These types of straws remain hard, rigid and impose a threat to marine life/wildlife if ingested.  Similarly these types of straws require industrial facilities* for them to even begin to break down. *See our FAQs

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The only single-use type of straw recommended for commercial use is paper – as it will soften if it happens to fall into the marine environment, imposing minimal impact to wildlife. They will also decompose completely under minimal conditions – this will happen even in your own compost bin.

Creating a link between The Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean
Creating a link between The Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean and raising awareness around the fact that all our oceans are connected. Location: Barwon Heads, VIC Australia Artist: Breathe a Blue Ocean and Adam Stan

We are proud to be in partnership with  Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef  to assist in spreading the campaign across the entirety of the GBR.


Thank you to all our other supporting partners and community members in helping us, help the Great Barrier Reef.

(for schools visit Straw No More to register)