Let us introduce ourselves…

The founder of the Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef is Marine Biologist, Nicole Nash. Currently the Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef is a one-woman campaign, looking to obtain traction and volunteers to assist in spreading the word about why straws suck. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist with the campaign through our volunteers pitch plastics perfectly pack and through our partnership with Reef Check Australia.

Nicole has grown up on coastal towns around Victoria and Queensland (Australia), moving from Victoria to Cairns to further her skills in science – Nicole undertook a Research Thesis on the accumulation of particular marine debris items around Australia’s East and West coasts. Working closely with the Tangaroa Blue Foundation Nicole soon realized just how much debris there was in the oceans around the world – including in the waters off Australia.

Whilst studying Nicole worked on the Great Barrier Reef as a marine biologist and saw the reef go through bleaching events in both 2016 and 2017, where she saw some of her favourite reefs die before her eyes. From her research she knew that there was something she could do to help. That being, to reduce the stress on marine life and give marine life a fighting chance of survival – one way that Nicole knew that she could do this was to reduce pollution entering the ocean.

“Straws are something simple. Something that people use for a couple of minutes and then dispose of, or they simply stir their drink and then throw it away. People don’t consider the fact that – that straw will outlive them.”

Quote: Nicole Nash

The last staw project  - Great barrier reef - no more plastic straws
Nicole Nash – Founder and manager of The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef. Photography by Blueclick.

Straws are just the start of the conversation really – when people stop and realise that you don’t offer straws they start to ask questions.

  • Why don’t you have them?
  • What can I use instead?
  • Where can I get a re-useable stainless steel straw from?

Straws truly do ‘suck,’ but most of all why would you want to sip your delicious beverage through something that is made of petrochemicals – plastic, when you can sip it from a glass? Take that as food for thought  – and, remember to say ‘no straw, please’ when ordering your next drink.

Nicole works full time and solely runs the voluntary campaign in her spare time (the few hours she gets), so please be mindful if there is a slight delay in any correspondences.

We are eager to get this movement rolling across the state and the world. All it takes is one person to make a change – the rest will follow.

Be that someone !

Reef terminal straws photo
ABC National NEWS – interview February 2018.