‘People often don’t realise that like the drain in your sink is connected to the ocean (in a long twisted way) our oceans are all interconnected. Therefore what happens in one ocean can affect what happens in the ocean on your doorstep. Although the Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef is reducing plastic pollution entering the Coral Sea (Pacific Ocean), it is essentially limiting the amount of waste that flows down to neighbouring ocean – The Southern Ocean, The Atlantic and as the list goes on. ‘ Ms Nash.

Creating a link between The Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean and raising awareness around the fact that all our oceans are connected. Location: Barwon Heads, VIC Australia Artist: Breathe a Blue Ocean and Adam Stan

This stunning ‘sand art’ was created on the banks of the Barwon River, in Barwon Heads Victoria. Created in the dark with no lighting, no measurements and all with just a garden rake ~ AMAZING! ~

The full extent of this masterpiece – Over 200m long.

Donated by the amazing artists Breathe a Blue Ocean and Adam Stan, this artwork has now been viewed by thousands (luckily there is photo evidence) from all around the world. These artworks are temporary, only lasting as long as a tidal movement. “It really re-enforces the message of ‘leave only footsteps take only memories’ ” states Ms Nash.

The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef reached out to Breathe a Blue Ocean after seeing their stunning art on Instagram, the aim being to create a link between our oceans and re-enforce that what happens in one affects the neighbouring ocean – ‘waste isn’t just one persons problem it is everyone’s and we all need to work together to reduce waste from entering the worlds oceans.’ Ms Nash

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