No more plastic bags in stores or markets starting Jan 2019

Canggu Weekly paper indicates that Denpasar government have announced that they will be prohibiting the use of plastic bags in shops in 2019.

“It would be better if people bring their own bags when shopping, if it can be implemented it will certainly have a positive impact” Governor Mantra said on Tuesday.

Indonesia has ranked as the second largest plastic waste contributor in the world in 2018, with a total of 64million tons of waste per year coming out of the country according to data from the Indonesian Plastic Industry Association and the Central Statistics Agency. (Source Canggu Weekly)

Bali is a typical hotspot for many travellers around the world and with potable drinking water not on tap plastic waste vastly accumulates. Just last year the Indonesian officials declared a “garbage emergency”.

Labuan Bajo Flores beachfront

Many tourists don’t venture far out of their 5 star luxury resorts to realise the true impact that plastic is having on the environment of Indonesia. With some major beach clubs now forced to do beach clubs as rubbish isn’t appealing to their lux guests it isn’t surprising to hear that these long awaited changes (plastic bag bans) are soon rolling out.

Beach clean up Seminyak/Canggu Beach

Waste free travel tips Bali

When travelling in Indonesia you too can help make a difference and reduce plastic wasteBYO bag when shopping at the markets.

  • BYO waterbottle- nearly every cafe will refill a reusable bottle for free; saving you money and plastic waste.
  • BYO reusable straw if you like to drink from one.
  • Say “tidak straw” when ordering a drink this means “no straw” in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • BYO coffee cup (but really your on holidays so who orders takeaways!)
  • BYO container for takeaway mie goreng and nasi goreng.
  • BYO shampoo and condition from home to avoid single use small plastic containers from hotels.
SSeminyak Beach sunset and Canggu Weekly

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