Dairy does it – Mungalli. 1 sept 18

Mungalli Creek Dairy is known to some as the Best Iced Coffee in Australia. Or maybe that’s just my dad? No it definitely is one of THE best I have ever tasted, there is a reason this place is on the Tablelands Food Trail. Made with local coffee from Jaques coffee plantation in Mareeba, their own Biodynamic cows milk, home made coffee ice cream which is also made from their milk and topped with freshly whipped cream, also from the cows on the farm. Haven’t had one yet, you are definitely missing out!

The happiest cows on earth – lush green pastures, wetlands and wildlife! 


The cows at Mungalli are a mixed herd of Jersey, Swiss Brown and Aussie Red cows. They have a balanced diet of grass, herbs and weeds and even leaves off of trees to balance out their salad bar pastures. All three breeds produce milk that has a high butter fat, protein and calcium content, making the milk they produce rich, creamy and delicious.




“Our farms are more than just cows and pasture. We have planted rainforest, fenced off creeks, steep and rocky areas and created wetlands to cultivate a living farm organism. Our farms are full of wildlife including wallabies, cassowaries, dingoes and a diverse bird population – exactly as a biodynamic farm should be.”

We went strawless – we don’t need a straw and by still saying no to a paper straw you are reducing your waste. All we needed was a metal spoon to eat the scrumptious ice cream!



Mungalli Dairy has official gone plastic straw free and joined us in our war on waste. The dairy estimates that they used to use approximately 7,500 plastic straws a year that would go straight to landfill. The straws that the dairy use now can even go straight in the compost.

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